Galanta Lomhara

Galánta Lómhara

Nm 6/2 – 69% Merino, 5% CASHMERE, 5% SILK, 21 % Alpaca

Alpaca fleece is a soft, durable luxurious and silky natural fibre that complements our Genuine Donegal Products. The four shades in Merino/ Alpaca quality can be twisted with any Galanta shade, creating a light, soft and subtle two-coloured yarn, suitable for both, knitting and weaving.

Galanta Lomhara White
WHITE (0003)
Galanta Lomhara Fawn
FAWN (0006)
Light Grey Galanta Lomhara
Dark Grey Galanta Lomhara
DARK GREY (0005)
Caithn Alpaca Fleece
9802 CAITHN (1626, 0003)
Fore Alpaca Fleece
9816 FORE (1606, 0006)
Castan Irish Wool
9807 CASTAN (1606, 0005)
Coole for Knitting and Weaving
9817 COOLE (1606, 0005)