Scoured, clean wool enters Donegal Yarns and is sorted by wool specialists Gerard and Seamus.

Production department of Donegal Yarns. Gerard Gallagher, Wool Specialist.

Gerard Gallagher – Wool Specialist

Production department of Donegal Yarns. Seamus Campbell, Wool Specialist.

Seamus Campbell – Wool Specialist

Producing Donegal Yarns

Dye house manager, Joseph O’Donnell dyes all the various recipes creating our unique colour palette.

Production department of Donegal Yarns. Joseph O'Donnell, Dye House Manager.

Joseph O’Donnell – Dye House Manager

Dyeing, creating colours and shades of Donegal yarns.
The blending process

After dyeing each unique shade is created by selecting all the dyed/ non dyed components. The blending process ensures all the colours are uniformly mixed to maintain colour consistency in shade matching. It is also an important step if mixing different fibres such as, merino and cashmere or merino and mohair etc.

Blending specialist, Seamus Carr.

Seamus Carr – Blending Specialist

Carding process
Carding process at Donegal Yarns

Next, the blends go through carding, a process that pulls them through fine metal teeth. Wool has a natural crimp, and carding aligns the fibers in preparation for spinning.

Carding Engineer, Timmy O'Driscoll.

Timmy O’Driscoll – Carding Engineer

Carding Process.
Carding Process at Donegal Yarns.

After carding, the roving is spun by drawing out the fibres and adding a pre-determined twist forming yarn.

Spinning process.
Spinning machine.

For certain yarns we can twist multiple ends of single yarns to achieve required weights for different applications. 

Irish wool mill
Winding at Irish wool mill, Kilcar.

Winding the yarn into hanks takes place in preparation for scouring and cleaning the wool.

Irish wool production.
Wool mills Ireland.

Scouring involves the yarn being fed into a machine where it is continuously transported through a series of baths. The first two baths contain detergent and it is then rinsed in the last two baths, ready to be hung and dried. 

Yarn cone.
Irish made wool cones.

Once finished spinning or twisting the yarn can be packaged into cones or made into balls or skeins depending on the customers order. After this they are ready for the warehouse and to be dispatched.

Yarn production Donegal.
Irish made yarn.
Irish tweed.
Caroline O'Donnell, Donegal Yarns.

Caroline O’Donnell

Office Manager

Pauric Sweeney, Donegal Yarns.

Pauric Sweeney

Production Manager

Chris Weiniger, Donegal Yarns.

Chris Weiniger

General Manager

Maureen Carr, Donegal Yarns.

Maureen Carr

Sales Manager